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photo 1A BLAST FROM MY CARTOON PAST! A Note from GUY… I just found this old photo from a Cartoonist gathering in San Antonio many years ago! I believe 1999....While I can't remember everyone in this photo let me tell you the people that I do remember here: Back row from left to right. First seeded was Bill Mauldin (Willie and Joe WWII cartoons)and his wife, Bob Staake, Jeff MacNelly(SHOE),me,Will Eisner(The Spirit),?,Rick Kirkman(Baby Blues),Dave Coverly(Speedbump), front: Bil Keane (Family Circus),Bob Thaves(Frank and Ernest), Mike Luckavich, and Bill Amend(Foxtrot). Some of these cartoon legends have left this earthly plane and have found that special place in heaven for those who have made us smile..... And I must tell you, finding this old photo this morning made me smile. Great times with great people! What a blessed life!


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