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One Creative Guy - The Tennessee Magazine

nancy2“I consider myself a writer first,” says Guy Gilchrist, the “Nancy” comic strip author and cartoonist who has created 56 books and counting. “I’m a writer who hires the cheapest illustrator he can find — me.”

If you think the Tennessee-based Gilchrist is a one-dimensional “guy” who spends all his time drawing the internationally beloved “Nancy” comic strip, you’re wrong. Among his countless art and writing projects, he is also a songwriter and musician who frequents Nashville music venues in his signature cowboy hat and manicured beard. Combining his love of music and art, he hand-paints guitars that are auctioned off for charity around the world. Before his tenure as Nancy’s image handler, he was the cartoonist and writer for the long-running “Muppets” comic strip and books, working with the late Jim Henson on the creation and tone of the projects.

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