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Interview with Guy Gilchrist - July 2014

 Guy-D-J-350Guy Gilchrist. You might NOT know his name, but I bet you know his work. At 24 he was hand selected to draw Jim Henson’s Muppet Comic Strip – he co-created Muppet Babies and has been the artist behind such iconic characters as Tom & Jerry, Fraggle Rock, The Pink Panther and for the last 20 years – he’s the man behind the internationally read comic strip – Nancy. 57 million people read Nancy every day and Guy has published 56 children’s books – His work is even in the Smithsonian. Guy is a strong Christian and loves to share his stories, his art and his humor. Find out more at www.NancyandSluggo.com If you missed Guy’s stories on the morning show – catch up now.

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